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Yo boo, 
Alright. I am Ms. T. Lynn-T3kn0 or Tamara (tam-uhh-ruh) Tis nice to meet you Love <3

This page is raaaannndoooom. its just my blog :D
so feel free to read!  or not ); but ill be sad....

anyways a little about me; im 15 til november 9th. im in 10th. Im scenerificnahh im just a normal girl with big hair! :D im classified in the Social Butterfly/ Scene Princess category. My favorite color is, raainbow

I love alternative/ screamo/ techno. headbanging. moshpits. music duh. art. singing. writing. venom. energy drinks in general. strobe lights. the party scene. adventure time-tree trunks <3. tanning OUTSIDE. andy sixx. trace cyrus. ronnie AND max from Escape the fate. emo boys. piercings. long hair. blue eyes. im in love with fashion, im in love with everything about it. designing is my passions <3 <3 im typical :D and im random <3 kthnks

Im Austin Trent Agosta A.k.A... Mr. A. Trent-Annihilation.
Im 16.
I have an amazing taste in music. i listen to about anything.
I have amazing Blue Eyes.
Im 5'6
I love scene girls.
Im going to marry my partner Tamara one day
Thats all you need to know.

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