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winners <3 07/03/2011
the outyfit winners for my first line of clothes are, 
outyfit 1, 5, 7, 12, 14, 18, 21, 23 and 27

ready! 06/20/2011
okay so i put polls under each row of pictures. i think you can guess the first picture on there is 1, the one next to it is 2, then 3 then the next line 4, 5, 6 ect. click one in each row that you want kay? <3 seee ya! 

OH polls close on saturday. <3
check em out. 06/20/2011
so im gonna have a poll on which outfits im gonna do first. but i needs your help. im gonna have poll buttons HOPEFULLY. if not, ill post back saying so, laterr. <3 
goodmorning. 06/18/2011
i love the smell of fashion in the morning. and tea. i love  tea <3
just updating the world on my shagadelique shagness. found some patterns i liked <3 contemplating on using them. ill letcha know <3 lateeeerr. 
my clothes. 06/16/2011
i would like to tell you that when i go on vacation i will be starting my clothes.. yea. UPDATES ARE SWEET!
Pattern's 06/12/2011
Whenever your ready to do patterns send me some over twitter (:
soon? 06/12/2011
alright, so im going to pick out patterns soon, sir annihilation i need your help for this occasion.. <3 
YAYS 06/11/2011
i found my bestfriend <3 and now hes my partner in design. the name for my clothing line is fruitaciouisly fierce. the. end. <3

life is good. 
so, i need a new dang name. im still stuck with the same ones. someone help? please...