t. lynn-t3kn0
Alright, new? Yea i think so. alright so im not sure what to write so lets just start with my goals in life. (:
i want to travel the world and learn everything there is to learn. I am going to THREE colleges. Academy of Art University for Clothes Design. Culinary Arts; Pastry Chef. and im majoring in Lawyering. dont know where im going for lawyer or pastry chef D;
I am gonna have a clothing line, either called ' Lucille Jane' or 'Fruitaciously Fierce' or even 'Sex in vintage' jussskiddden bout the last one..... or am i O:

I want to own a ginormous house with secret staircases and rooms and yea. i should of been born in either the eighties or the victorian age <3 
im gonna be married at 18. to the love of my life. have three kids. annnnnnd yep. thats all (:

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