t. lynn-t3kn0

My clothing line soon to come! ......hopefully....

Act one; Scene one; DESIGNER.Okay, so i have this dream of becoming a designer. I want people to wear my clothes and be like "yea, im not wearing louis vittan? -cant spell that- or gucci im wearing the best new thing out there, ' INSERT WICKED NAME HERE' " and im gonna be like " oh thank you thank you thank you, youre far too kind." and its just gonna be this wicked awesome sauce party. i might jizz.... wait... what? 

the name is 'Fruitaciously Fierce' sounds yummy doesnt it?

lets talk a little about my clothing line

Im into the Katy Perry look, i love her vintage pin-up style and i honestly follow her like a lost puppy, not gonna lie to you i really do. so, vintage is my game. i love the pants that go up to my belly button. with the buttons. i love the heels. the hair. ERRTHANG. Betty Page is another one of my idols. She is gorgeous. Love her. But yea vintage unique LOVE. this year for formal i wore a blue dress with cherries it was really vintage and i wore red heels and my hair was big i had a red bow. i was cute. and i came to the conclusion that i looked like Kat-ee Von Perry. :D creative right? yea off track. Im just vintage aight? 

I believe vintage can be rocked by any type of body, any color and any age. even grandmas can rock the vintage look. and i dont believe in one size fits all, everyones body is beautiful, and needs to be treated that way (: 
i dont just design for one crowd i designe for the world. end of discussion <3 

i need you help D:
i need a partner... we have one and he is the AMAZING Austin Trent Agosta. I call him Mr. A. Trent-Annihilation (;

i will have forms that anyone can fill out and yea i just need help please please please feel free to ya know like HELP kthnks (: 

    be my partner (;